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Comments from CCDC families:

“CCDC maintains an exemplary program in all areas and on a consistent basis. Our child has made great gains socially, emotionally and developmentally through a combination of excellent leadership, teaching and outstanding planning. Excellent!”

m-peek-comp1“I feel there is a real sense of “community” in the program. Parents and teachers work together and support each other. There is a warm, nurturing philosophy in place, which translates to a “home-like” environment. My daughter has benefited greatly from her experience at CCDC.”

“The staff fosters the highest degree of independence and self-esteem. They offer consistency in supporting social skills development and emotional intelligence – while encouraging the joy of life! We can’t say enough.”

“The loving attitude of the staff continues to be an amazing strength of the program.  They also really respond to each child as an individual and really encourage their creativity, imagination and desire to learn.jk-water-play

“We chose CCDC because you are the BEST preschool in town!  We stay because we love the staff, the rooms, playground, the atmosphere and the love and caring the teachers give to our daughter.”

“Another years end and for us this one is quite bittersweet.  I mourn the loss of having the CCDC “family” as part of our daily lives and yet, am as grateful as ever for the past 6 years.  I still marvel at the wonderful staff you have put together – people who I trust, enjoy and who always seem to see the good in my children.  I thank you and the staff from the bottom of my grateful heart for the love and consideration you have invested to make CCDC an experience my family will always cherish.”

“We chose CCDC for its child-centered philosophy, caring staff, beautiful environment.  We did a lot of research and wanted the best for our child. We stay because we made the right match for our family and our child is so happy with his first school experience.”

“I loved CCDC the very MOMENT I stepped foot in the door over five years ago!  Once we became part of the CCDC family, we knew that this was THE place for our children.”

“For eleven years, CCDC has been an outstanding place for our three children.  The teachers consistently provide safe, nurturing and engaging care.  These teachers are superior professionals, who are dedicated, kind and smart.  They consistently impress us with their skill, education and expertise. My husband and I have learned from them over the years.  Eileen, the Director, is an exceptional and natural leader.  She is an excellent role model for the staff and parents.  She knows so well how to deal with children.  She brings out the best in her staff, parents and kids.”

This is simple, CCDC is our home away from home.  We are convinced that there is no other program in the universe that can compare.  This is the most outstanding early childhood education program and we are the luckiest family to have been a part of it for so many years.  (Family Survey, May 2011)

My husband and I were taken by CCDC as soon as we walked in the door for our first visit — the facilities are spacious, bright, and well maintained, and the easy access to outdoor space is a huge advantage.  We’ve grown to love it more and more each eyar.  The director is caring, patient, and dedicated.  He commitment to staff education is inspiring, and I feel confident that the environment at CCDC is thoughtfully constructed and constantly evolving to be the very best it can be for the children.  (Family Survey, May 2011)

Love that the program allows for closer relationships given its smaller size.  CCDC provides a nurturing learning environment for both child and parent.  (Family Survey, May 2011)

CCDC does a phenomenal job in the 5 main areas my family looks for in a preschool program. 1) Safety.  We like the fact that our child is in a very safe environment while in CCDC’s care.  2)Caring.  The CCDC staff cares very much about each child’s needs and provides the individualized support we look for.  3) Nurturing environment.  4) Stimulating environment.  The stage is set for quality learning to happen once all the above conditions are present.  5) Emphasis on play to learn & learn to play.  We love the fun and compassionate environment our child’s socialization happens in.  (Family Survey, May 2011)

CCDC provides the ideal environment for children to learn and grow.  The school constantly strives to strike the right balance to meet the mental, emotional and intellectual needs of children.  (Family Survey, May 2011)

It’s the best program that we have seen, no contest.  Personal attention, lots of involvement from families, everyone knows, loves, and supports our children and their development. (Family Survey, May 2012)

I continue to choose CCDC because the outlook of the director and teachers is always “How can we do the BEST thing for your child?”  Not the thing that is easiest or fastest or that we know the most about, but always what is the best thing. (Family Survey, May 2012)

CCDC has a warm and caring atmosphere that lets kids be kids while still making sure they learn and develop along the way.  After 3 years we feel as though CCDC is an extension of our family and couldn’t imagine sending our kids anywhere else. (Family Survey, May 2017)

This program is top notch. The teachers, the quality of the programming, the facilities – we could not be be happier with the experiences we’ve had with this community, and how our children are developing as a result of the dedication from the staff at CCDC. (Family Survey, May 2012)

My child feels a tremendous amount of love at CCDC. I am always amazed by the patience of teachers at CCDC and how they value each child as an individual. (Family Survey, May 2017)

The staff and Director all want your child to succeed and make very effort to help guide the children through their development in a caring and supportive environment. (Family Survey, May 2017)

The program is caring, interactive and thoughtful. Every activity and experience for the children is intentional and meant to invoke thought and curiosity. (Family Survey, May 2017)

The CCDC program is well customized for each kid and we love the combination of indoor and outdoor activities. Some other schools seem to focus too much on children’s academic but we want ourkids to be creative and nice to each other. In this sense, we love the curriculum at CCDC. (Family Survey, May 2017)

There is an objective for all the ages. It is all about play as learning so kids gain confidence. The Director is passionate and extremely educated when it comes to early childhood education which sets the tone for the school. It is a positive place. (Family Survey, May 2017)

Best choice we ever made! Worth every penny! (Family Survey, May 2017)

It’s a warm, loving environment with dedicated and highly trained staff who love what they do. Their goal is providing our child with an authentic experience to what it means to be a child. No gimmicks. It’s about letting them be children, letting them explore and providing them with a safe and warm nurturing environment to find out who they are. (Family Survey, May 2017)

I have never had a moment of doubt or concern about the top-notch level of care that my children have received at CCDC. (Family Survey, May 2017)



Comments from CCDC Staff:

91 eileen & crew“When I first interviewed at CCDC, I was immediately taken with the wonderful atmosphere, and the enthusiasm of teachers – my first impression has served me well.  CCDC has always been a supportive community for children, families and teachers, and I feel very lucky to be here.”

“I chose to work here because I wanted to learn about/teach children and I knew within minutes that CCDC was the right fit for me.  I stayed because it became a second family for both me and my children.”

“I wanted to work at CCDC because we teach through creative, hands on experiences to help develop problem-solving skills and creative thought.  I continue working at CCDC because I enjoy the environment.”

I especially like the philosophy of our program which creates a comfortable homelike environment for the children and provides opportunities for them to grow in all areas of development.  (Staff Survey, May 2011)

I chose to work at CCDC because its philosophy and early childhood vision match my education philosophy as well.  I believe that all children should be given a variety of opportunitis to learn and grow at their own pace.  In addition, I value the caring relationship that teachers, children, and families form during their time spent at CCDC.  (Staff Survey, May 2012)

I chose to work at CCDC because it felt right and I noticed the care and love that was and is put into the happiness of all the children.  I stay for the same reason.  (Staf Survey, May 2012)

I chose to work at CCDC because it is a wonderful program with a great philosophy.  I continue working at CCDC because I love the children and working at a school that allows me to provide them with such amazing learning experiences.  (Staff Survey, May 2012)

I choose to work at CCDC because of the atmosphere of professionalism and joy that was so evident at first meeting.  i have continued to work at CCDC because that first impression has been borne out a thousand fold and I feel very lucky to be part of the CCDC community.  (Staff Survey, May 2012)

CCDC is a high quality early childhood setting and it is very hard to find a preschool that takes teaching seriously.  All of the staff are very dedicated and we love what we do.  It’s nice to be around people who love what they do!  I definitely chose the right profession and the right school for me.  (Staff Survey, May 2012)

I continue to work at CCDC because I believe we provide the best quality care for our children.  The staff and our director are very supportive of each other which is wonderful. (Staff Survey, May 2012)

I appreciate how CCDC enables children to really explore their personal interests, creativities and understandings. CCDC regularly encourages the children to step outside of their comfort zones and experience new things. This unique type of learning has absolutely helped the children progress behaviorally, socially and academically. I also admire the bond and trust that teachers strive to build with each of the children. I recognize how powerful and influential the relationships at CCDC are.  (Staff Survey, May 2017)

Great program! You’re always learning new things. (Staff Survey, May 2017)

We all work together as a team and we love each and every child that comes through CCDC. (Staff Survey, May 2017)

CCDC has taught me everything I know about teaching young children. (Staff Survey, May 2017)

I am fortunate to work at CCDC — it is a welcoming, hardworking, and wonderful environment. (Staff Survey, May 2017)





I chose to work at CCDC because it is a wonderful program with a great