Our Programs

Infant Program

The staff in the Infant Program strive to meet the needs of each child, adjusting to individual feeding and sleeping schedules. Staff develop intimate knowledge of children through frequent one-to-one interactions. The environment allows for moments of quiet and active play, safe exploration, and provides toys and books, ranging from very simple to more complex.

Staff:  3 full time teachers, 1 part time teacher. Group size: 8 children

Young Toddler Program

Children between one and two years of age are enrolled in the Young Toddler Program.  Staff recognizes that these children are rapidly learning language, playing with peers and practicing newly acquired motor skills, while still turning frequently to adults for assistance and affection. Although their schedules follow a relatively predictable sequence, there is still much attention given to individual needs as they vary with each child.

Staff:  3 full time teachers, 1 part time teacher. Group size: 8 children.


Older Toddler Program

The Older Toddler Program is for children between two and three years old. Staff focuses on social and self-help skills, supporting their emerging competence and independence. Routine tasks such as, eating, toileting and dressing are viewed as important learning opportunities. While ready for small group activities, children in this group still rely on adults to help them as they begin to use language to solve problems and develop more complex patterns of play with each other.

Staff:  4 full time teachers, 2 part time teachers. Group size: 14 children.

Preschool Threes Program

The Preschool Three's Program provides opportunities for children to demonstrate and practice their newly developed self-help and physical skills. Staff introduces a wide variety of materials and activities and provides large amounts of uninterrupted time for children to persist at self-chosen tasks. Respect for others and simple rules of safety govern behavior and peer relations. As friendships are formed, children develop styles of observing, interacting, learning from, and coping with one another.

Staff:  3 full time teachers, 1 part time teacher. Group size: 15 children

Preschool Four's Program

In the Preschool Fours Program special attention is paid to children's emerging competence in new and more complex play built on earlier experiences. Learning occurs as a result of activities involving trial and error, manipulation, and repetition. Cognitive, motor and physical skills are developed through active exploration and interaction with materials, adults and other children. Natural curiosity, insight and eagerness to solve problems motivate the children to participate. Interpersonal problems are addressed by more sophisticated means such as, cooperating and negotiating.

Staff: 3 full time teachers, 1 part time teacher. Group size: 16 children