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CCDC maintains close connections with our alumni families.

We celebrated the 30th year of our founding with a celebration on Sunday, June 7, 2009.  Alumni from the classes of 1986 through 2014 came to join in the fun.  We had thousands of old photos from the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s scanned and uploaded that will soon be available for viewing.

IMG_0821Heidi Coughlin, Ryan Oley (class of 1994) and Eileen Ward


Mary Charity and Charlotte Adams

IMG_0846Maddie, Anita and Carly (class of 2000)

IMG_0853Sam, Otto, Owen, Alex (class of 2008) and Maya (class of 2011)

IMG_0855Emily Mendini, Barrett (class of 1999) and Harley (class of (2002)

reunion 2009Heidi Coughlin, Shannon Coakley (class of 1990), Eileen Ward, Lauren Coakley (class of 1986)