Transitions for children new to CCDC or from one program to the next within CCDC or from CCDC to kindergarten are handled with sensitivity and consideration for individual children and families. Our goal is a smooth transition for each child and family.

New Families to CCDC

Children and families typically transition to CCDC gradually over the course of three days, increasing a child’s time in the program and decreasing the time that a parent or a familiar adult remains on the premises.  This generally translates into a visit of approximately 2 – 3 hours on the first day with a familiar adult nearby.  The second day the child stays without the parent for a half day.  The third day the child stays through nap and on the fourth day they are usually ready for a full day.  Families and children that need additional time to acclimate may extend the visiting schedule as needed.  This gradual entry also gives parents the time to get to know the teachers and develop confidence in their abilities to care for and educate their children.

Returning CCDC Families
In early August, children begin organized visits to the programs they are scheduled to attend in September.  They spend time becoming acquainted with the new classroom, materials, equipment, and their teachers for the coming school year.  Teachers from a child’s current program will initially accompany them and then gradually reduce the amount of time spent in the new room.  Current and new teachers work together to ensure that all children receive the appropriate amount of encouragement, support and “visiting time” needed for a smooth transition.

In addition, teachers from the program a child will be attending in the fall will be spending time in the child’s current room.  This gives the children the opportunity to get to know their new teachers in a familiar and comfortable setting.  In addition, our staff members tend to visit other rooms fairly often and will not be complete strangers to the children.

Families will receive introductory information about their child’s new program prior to their transition.  We also encourage families to take some time to visit the new program in the morning or afternoon to acquaint themselves with the teachers and learn more about classroom routines.

Transition to Kindergarten
CCDC works in partnership with families and elementary schools to ensure a smooth transition to kindergarten.  Preschool 4’s staff complete developmental profiles for each child with permission from a parent/guardian and in accordance with the requests of the elementary school they plan to attend.